about me

I was raised on Boston’s quiet South Shore.  Lazy summer weekends on the boat, whalewatching or catching fish, and endless adventures biking or running barefoot through New England woods fostered in me a deep affinity for the outdoors.  With that came an unsuppressed curiosity for the mechanisms of Mother Nature.  An appreciation of her beauty.  Unsurprisingly, I took up drawing as a young child, eager to unleash my creativity with whatever materials I was provided.  Most kids grow out of the phase; I never stopped making art.


I attended high school in South Florida.  At the malleable age of fourteen, I found myself 1500 miles from home, unsure of the constants in my life aside from art.


This is where I learned to paint.  I won my first Best in Show, sold my first paintings, and made my first connections in the art world.  The local arts community adopted me.


After four years, I emerged with a diploma, a new set of life skills, and a deeper love for art.  The ever-present curiosity had blossomed.


I moved back home to Massachusetts, where I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from Northeastern University.

I'm now living in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and working at the University of British Columbia.


personal statement

Light fascinates me - the way it elegantly illuminates the surface of a dewdrop, or dances across restless ocean waves at dusk.  Many of my pieces are inspired by the way light interacts with matter in nature.

An acute attention to detail and appreciation for light is a constant in my work.  I draw inspiration from nature and strive to create a likeness of the world around me.  Realism has always fascinated me.  There is an endless yet blissful journey toward mastering it.

In some of my later pieces, particularly those found in the Mixed Media collection, I've found myself deviating from stark realism and incorporating a message.  Despite these developments, I was never able to shake that affinity for precision and detail.

I work with oil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil.

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